Rescue Cell Phone–A True Customer Service Nightmare

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There are many iPhone repair places to choose from – but there also are certain ones that are to be avoided at all costs.  What’s at stake?  Your peace of mind and your data.  This experience happened to me a year ago and it wasn’t until now that I have been moved to write this review about this particular company seeing as they are actively soliciting business by way of ad boards on the road.


The particular branch I dealt with was considered the home office of their operations,  9550 Forest Ln Ste 304. Dallas, TX.  It was difficult to locate them and I had submitted my iPhone 3Gs for repairs due to a bad backlight.  After checking it in, they quoted me a price of around $60.  No tags were given, no recording of serial numbers and the such.  I was given a handwritten receipt for check-in merely stating the model phone I turned in.  This would be the last I’d hear from them for a week.  Calling in to check, they had no idea of the whereabouts of my phone and asked who checked me in.  Upon replying with the name of the technician, they said that he wasn’t working that day.  I decided to show up and do a physical check of the situation.  I found out that I had come in on the day the technician was off yet again and my phone was no longer in the shop and was at the technician’s home – this is completely unacceptable.  As there was nothing more that could be done, I inquired of the time when the technician would be in.  After getting the time, I decided to show up again when the technician would be here…but he had left my phone at his home still.  The technician told me that he had tried replacing the logic board.  The board replaced still a non working backlight but was also only HALF THE CAPACITY!  My 32GB iPhone now had become a 16GB and they couldn’t tell me where my old iPhone logic board was.  The outer case was also all messed up and would now refuse to screw shut to the display assembly.  All of this occurred in a 1 month time span.  I decided, forget this, I’m taking what’s left of my phone – which now cannot even close back into it’s shell…along  with a lower capacity memory and still a broken backlight back.  I vowed never to use this company again. 

My complaint against this company can be summarized with the following flaws:

  1. No check-in controls, serial numbers and the such.
  2. Customer equipment leaving the commercial location.
  3. Unauthorized repair by substituting a board of inferior quality.
  4. Lack of communication.
  5. Old board *vanishes*….where is my data!

What I think was happening but cannot be sure of:

  1. Company was playing wait and switch – getting people’s cell phones and chopping them up and waiting to get additional phones for parts to repair another customer’s phone.  Steal from Peter to fix Paul’s iPhone and repeat the process.
  2. Theft of contact information.  What’s the most valuable part of a phone?  Just who do people know?  With the theory of 6 degrees of separation, information is power.  What if the phone was of a person who was high profile?  A senator perhaps?  Information is power.

All of this happened a year ago.  If they have changed or improved, I know not.  But with so many choices out there for iPhone repair, it would be safe to try those other providers rather than this one.

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