Apple Introduces 128GB iPad for $799


Big?  Yes.  Expensive?  VERY.  Do you need a 128GB iPad?  Mmm…probably not.  After reading ZDNet’s article about the new 128GB iPad, I have to agree with Matt Baxter-Reynolds – It’s not for you…well…unless you area person that wants the highest premium gadget on the market, or you are a crazy power user that needs EVERYTHING cached onto the iPad.  What surprised me however was his mention that most business deal only with the 32GB Wi-Fi model of the iPad…which I recently just purchased.  Thinking about my older iPad 1st Generation, I never did use all of the memory although I did come close several times with an earlier version of NavFree GPS USA + Street View which used to download ALL states rather than allowing me to simply download only the state of Texas which I needed.  That was probably my largest app ever downloaded – around 2GB.  I’ve found that almost everything I need done is clouded.  I keep my comic books and other PDF books on my iPhone and I transfer files between my 32GB iPhone 3Gs and 32GB iPad 4th Gen. via GoodReader thereby effectively increasing my offline storage capabilities.  Chances are, with so much newfound space, the problem of clutter will only arise thereby making the device less usable.  My suggestion about the 128GB iPad?  Keep away from it, unless you want to keep your video collection, music collection, and everything else on your iPad – which, in my opinion, defeats the purpose of a tablet as now, you’ll need to search through EVERYTHING including your many, many, pages of apps.  Besides, how much music does one have time to listen too?  Do you really have to have 95 days of music queued up?

Keep things simple…iPad 128GB…you aren’t the droid I’m looking for…move along, move along.

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  1. #1 by Elly Calabria on February 27, 2014 - 11:25 am

    You’re right, it’s too expensive and it’s not worth it If you’re only buying it because it’s new. Also to use to play games, surf the internet and watch movies, things you can do on your laptop or phones. It would be nice to have an ipad with 128gb though.

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