What’s on the iPad–December 2012 (Last minute) / January 2013


Happy almost 2013! (At least here in the GMT –6 time zone of Dallas, TX.)  Wow, has it been a month.  Free games from EA via iTunes redeemable codes, Star Bucks free app codes, lots of freebies…what did we add to the device and actually use?  Well, I did add Lemonade Tycoon, but it was quickly shadowed by a game I’ve been totally hooked on this month.  This game is what Farmville should’ve been and was the most polished if not one of the most polished games I’ve seen for the iPad.  Read on past the jump to see what’s on the iPad including a little bit about HayDay, my new favorite game!

What’s on the iPad?


1. Garfield’s Diner Hawaii HD – Game *
2. IceAgeVillage – Game ****
3. Quick Sale – Business ****
4. Team Viewer – Utility ****
6. Google Voice – Utility ***
7. Battle Nations – Game – * (Lost interest in this game…it’s still on the iPad but it’s dormant.)
8. Streetfood Tycoon – Game ** (Lost interest in this game…it’s still on the iPad but it’s dormant.)
9. Gizmonauts – Game – * (Lost interest in this game…it’s still on the iPad but it’s dormant.)
10. Kindle – Book Viewer (Wait until you see what books are out there for FREE…and plenty more on the paid side!)
11. HayDay – Game – NEW!
12. Gmail – Communication - NEW!
13. Chrome – Communication - NEW!

With the coming of Chrome and Gmail (which is my email service of choice for both personal and business uses), I will be dropping the use use of Safari as well as Mail.  I use Gmail as a POP client to my other mail accounts and thus everything is routed there.


1. Scrabble – Game ****
2. IceAgeVillage – Game ***
3. NetFlixEntertainment ****
4. OverDrive – Book Viewer ****
5. CardShark Collection – Game ****
6. HayDay – Game – NEW!

* = Additional months on list.  (Ex. a single * means it’s been on the list for 2 months).

So what game was I talking about that’s got me hooked like a fish – hook, line, and sinker?  It’s HAYDAY!  This game has it all when it comes to farming – it’s easy to use, it’s social, and well….I probably could go on and on, but I have a boat that needs to fill and a farm that needs my attention so I’ll be heading off again to play!  I’ll tell you guys more about it later….sometime next year in 2013!  Hahahaha.  While you wait, check out the video trailer.  If you want to join in the farming action, my Game Center ID is: itjchan.  See you on the farm!

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