Happy Thanksgiving!–What’s on the iPad–November 2012

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Who’s up for some turkey?  This month, I’ve gotten totally hooked on several games.  Garfield’s Diner Hawaii HD of which I can’t seem to put down and has completely gobbled much of my time.  Stay tuned as mini-reviews over the new titles that made the list as well as mini-reviews of why some games got dropped from the list!  On a side note, I had no idea they sell Turkey iPad cases (pictured above)….this one you can get from Speck over at birdorable.com.


1. Garfield’s Diner Hawaii HD – Game – NEW!
2. IceAgeVillage – Game ***
3. Quick Sale – Business ***
4. Team Viewer – Utility ***
6. Google Voice – Utility **
7. Battle Nations – Game – NEW!
8. Streetfood Tycoon – Game – NEW!
9. Gizmonauts – Game – NEW!

Of course, I also have the standard fare of Mail, Contacts, Safari, and Calendar in use.


1. Scrabble – Game ***
2. IceAgeVillage – Game **
3. NetFlix – Entertainment ***
4. OverDrive – Book Viewer ***
5. CardShark Collection – Game ***

* = Additional months on list.  (Ex. a single * means it’s been on the list for 2 months).

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