Signing PDF’s With GoodReader

gr-icon-96When someone emails you a form to get your signature, what do you do to get the task accomplished?  Back in the olden days, it would have been done by print, sign, and fax.   Later with scanners readily available one could even print, sign, and email it thereby avoiding any busy signals.  There’s an even easier way now.  Why not just open, sign, and email?  That’s what you can do with GoodReader, a swiss army knife for opening and manipulating files – especially PDFs. 

Read past the jump and let’s look at how we can get a document signed and returned.

First, let’s download that PDF contract from our email….


Tap and hold on the PDF letter to open up the menu shown below….


Select “Open In…” to get some more choices.  Tap “GoodReader”.


This will open the PDF file in GoodReader.  Now we’ll select the squiggly tool…


Choose “Save to this file”.  The original copy will stay safely still in your email.


Pinch to zoom in.  You can select your style of line as well as color.  Now sign your document…this is best done with a stylus and not your finger (for this example though I’ll use my finger).


Now we’ll save, by tapping the save button which now should be lit up as we’ve made some changes.  All that remains is to tap the export button and choose “E-Mail File”.  We will want to send it with “Flatten annotations” so that our signature will be merged into the document.


You’ll be sent back to mail with a new mail with your signed document attached and ready to be sent!  Viola!  That wasn’t hard was it?

Good reader is available from the Apple App Store for $4.99 and is available for iPhone or iPad (sold individually).

This post is cross-posted with the Applegram Online – the online newsletter of the Apple Corps. of Dallas.

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