Top 100 Free Apps for Smartphones 2010

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PC Magazine has just released The top 100 Free Apps for Phones for 2010.  Breaking it down by platform, it is not surprising to see iPhone apps at the very top.  Google’s Android platform seems to be right on the heels of Apple.  From the way things look, it actually seems to represent the state of a platform.  Support for apps is key to the survival of a platform as it extends a device’s usefulness.  Just like Microsoft’s KIN platform got swept under the rug because of the lack of ability for apps, we see iPhone and Android growing in market share for their support and growing amount of apps.

Now, on to the apps!

The Top 40 Free iPhone Apps
The Top 30 Free Google Android Apps
The Top 10 Free BlackBerry Apps
The Top 10 Free Palm webOS Apps
The Top 5 Free Symbian Apps
The Top 5 Free Windows Phone Apps


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  1. #1 by tracy on July 20, 2010 - 1:28 pm

    free applications are a great plus

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