Are Big Screens Squeezing Out Useful Hard Keys?

virtual d-pad

As cell phone screens get larger things inevitably get squeezed out.  From extra buttons that can be mapped to your specifications to get where you do often, faster, to d-pads that allow for an alternative to the touch interface found on most smartphones.

Because of the removal of the d-pad on large screen Windows Mobile phones, user more_pizza over at xda-davelopers has created a virtual d-pad for WVGA screens.  Here are his comments on the current state:

The application is at a very beginning stage, so please have mercy. If there will be enough interest for this app, I will continue to improve it.Future work includes:

  • interface improvements (transparent images/skins)
  • application settings window
  • code optimization

For being in its beginning stages, I must say, it runs very well and is easy to move around the screen with the arrow.  The red x is to close the application and the arrows are for the directional commands.

If you have need of a d-pad, as I know some apps demand one, You can download the latest version here.

Be sure to check out the full thread and let us know what you think.

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