SplashID & Splash Money – a Review

I must say that I have been a long time user of SplashID and SplashMoney.  SplashData was kind enough to give me the registration codes for these two packages for review, which I needed because I upgraded my Treo 680 to the HD2.

SplashID is a handy program to have: It’s there to keep all of your “secret” information: login passwords, bank account and credit cards numbers and all the information you need on hand and want to keep secure. The software comes in 2 parts: mobile version and desktop companion. You use the same password for both and sync/backup your mobile as needed, which uses 256 bit Blowfish encryption (more than you ever wanted to know about encryption here). The desktop companion is very useful when you first set it up and for back-up. I have a lot of records and would not want to have to re-enter them all if something “unfortunate” happened to my mobile. Speaking of which: since I switched platforms, all I had to do, was get the windows version of SplashID, install it on my mobile and computer, export the Palm file and import it into WinMo. Voila! Done!


SplashID comes in all the mobile flavors, even iPad!

Once installed you get the usual sample database that you can modify/delete to fit you needs. For each category you have 10 fields that you can edit/use and you can selectively hide/show (Mask/Unmask Fields) any one which adds another level of safety – so you don’t display all you passwords as soon as you open the database ;) You can also customize the way your data is displayed: Tree view, row and header color, assign an icon for different category, etc… One thing I really like is the “free hand” note field for each of your records. Anything that does not fit neatly in the database can be placed there. You can also choose to use the password generator or come-up with you own. I made mine up: I use a sentence with numbers – the longer the password the more difficult it is to crack and remember! That’s why I use a sentence – works for me. A long password can be a “pain” to enter often but you can adjust how quickly the software will lock after you close it. If by chance someone tries to break-in: 10 wrong trials and your database is wiped out (new for this version). The advantage of this program is: you don’t have to remember a bunch of passwords and log-in names – just one and you have access to all of them.

You can test drive the software for 30 days for free and 60 days after you purchased it. And if you already are a customer and want to change platform…. there is a discounted price for that!

SplashMoney shares the basic set ups with SplashID: encryption, desktop companion (highly recommended), cross platform import/export, different types of views etc…. I need this type of software because I am a contractor and I need to keep track of my income & expenses. This has been a useful companion to my Treo 600/680 and now with the HD2. As stated above if you change platform, you get a discount. I had some difficulties crossing over but SplashData was great to help solve my problems. I like having this type of software because I am constantly buying gas, supplies for jobs, etc… and it is very useful to enter the data a little at a time while the information is fresh in my mind rather than face a pile of receipts at the end of the week/month. And if you’re waiting for something to happen (doctor’s office, delivery, people etc..), it’s a good way to occupy you time. This program was working great on the Treo because of the stylus. I now have the touchscreen version but it is not very “finger friendly”. The data fields are too small and/or not sensitive enough. I need repeated “hit” in the fields to activate them. On the web site, it looks like the interface on the iPhone and Android models are more finger friendly.

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A program like SplashMoney is not important UNTIL you realize that April 15th is fast approaching!! This is where keeping-up with your data entry is paying off. You can sync with the companion desktop software and/or import the .QIF file into Quicken or Money if you still have it. My end of the year is never as smooth as I would like but my sanity is greatly improved because all I have to do is organize the data not look for it!

You don’t have to be self employed to need/want this type of program: you can keep track of your stocks, savings, CD’s, credit card spending (important now a days!!), set a budget etc… You can also memorize re-occurring transactions (deposits and/or expenses)  so you’ll never forget one and find your account short of funds.

The same is available for Splash Money as for SplashID: you can play with it before you buy. The real value of these apps reveals itself the more you use them.

SplashData has other apps for all the other platforms, check them out. I also have SplashShopper that I especially find it handy around Thanksgiving.  I am the one cooking for turkey day. I loaded all my ingredients required for the meal, tagged them for “Thankgiving”. When it’s time, I hit the Thanksgiving tag, it brings up all the ingredients.  I then go through my pantry and click off all the ingredients I already have and what I’m left is my shopping list ;) I also do that with books I hear about on the radio. And for the men out there, if you don’t remember your wife’s sizes that would be a good place to keep’em too!

I am always interested in these type of apps/software. Let me what you are using and why you like/dislike it.

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