Borders FINALLY Joins the Party

booksWell, look who finally decided that this whole ebook-ereader thing just might be more than a fad.  Its our friends at Borders Books.  It was announced yesterday that Borders and Kobo would join together to produce a Kobo-branded ebook store, as well as an ereader device.  Kobo is an electronic download service that was spun-off from the Canadian book seller Indigo Books & Music Inc.  Kobo will also supply an ebook store for Indigo.  Borders is stressing that they want their ebooks to be able to be read on any device, from a PC to even a Nook.  Kobo, which is due to start-up in February, has 2 million ebooks for sale and another 1.8 million for free.  No date has been given for the release for the ereader.

All I can say is “Its about time!!!”  Seriously, Borders watched all the Kindle success, and then all the buzz from the Nook.  I even offered to be the mediator between them and Sony.  So, I am glad they decided to jump in, since I tend to spend most of my money with them.  Although, I am still a paper book kind of girl; it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t consider an ereader if the right device came along.

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