Firemint Honors Australia’s Royal Flying Doctor Service With Flight Control Update

I knew there was a reason I loved Firemint’s Flight Control game, but I had no idea it was this important.  With this latest release, the game which had you flying around the globe, landing airplanes at the local airport, Hawaii, and even an aircraft carrier, takes you deep within the Australian Outback. 

while guiding airplanes deep in the Australian Outback, you had better keep an eye out for the flying doctors’ plane, with its wailing siren.  That plane always has priority landing clearance, and you will have to move other planes out of the queue in order to get that one on the runway as quickly as possible.

Also in the new release is the ability to play head-to-head over a wireless network and the ability to play your own iPod music in the background.  Keep reading for the full press release.

Firemint today revealed the latest update to its hit game Flight Control for iPhone and iPod touch, which features an “Australian Outback” map as a tribute to the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (RFDS). The update also allows players to access songs from their iTunes Music Library while playing, and expands the existing two-player mode to support a wider range of iPhones, iPod touches and operating systems.

In the latest update, players can get a taste for the Australian Outback and take on the role of an air traffic controller with oversight of an airport set in a remote country location. At random intervals, a “Flying Doctor” plane will enter the airspace on an emergency medical flight with priority landing permission, and players must redirect other aircraft as needed to ensure a safe landing. The simple but highly addictive gameplay challenges players to touch and drag aircraft to their landing zones and avoid collisions.

Firemint developed the new game content in association with the RFDS, a not-for-profit charitable service that provides emergency and primary healthcare services as well as communication and education assistance to people who live, work and travel in regional and remote Australia. Firemint’s CEO, Robert Murray said “The RFDS is an iconic Australian institution and the men and women who operate this service are true blue Aussie heroes. It’s our privilege to support them in our own small way, and hopefully raise awareness of the incredible work they do.”

Gerri Christie, Executive Director of the RFDS, Victorian Section said “As a charitable service we depend on donations from the public to help us deliver and support the many emergency and preventative health services we offer through the world’s largest hospital without walls. We’re excited about the Flight Control app, it will give players the opportunity to experience what it’s like to deal with incoming emergency medical flights. We’ve really enjoyed working with Firemint to put it all together."

Most of Australia’s population lives in a few densely populated coastal areas and has easy access to world-class medical facilities. The RFDS brings access to the same first rate services to people in remote areas. At over 7.6 million square kilometers, Australia is the world’s sixth largest country by landmass, and 80% of this area (equivalent to almost twice the landmass of India) is serviced by the RFDS. Each year, the RFDS flies more than 23 million kilometers, attends 250,000 patients and undertakes 35,000 aerial evacuations with 54 aircraft. While it receives some government funding, the RFDS relies on donations from the public for the purchase of aircraft and vital medical equipment.

Flight Control is one of the most popular paid games for the iPhone and iPod touch, and is the first title to have announced sales of more than 1,500,000 copies. It has reached the #1 paid app position on the iTunes charts in 20 countries including USA, UK, Japan, Germany, France, Canada and Australia. Since its release, several free updates for owners of the game have added a dedicated web site with extensive leaderboards and social network community features, new airfields and aircraft, and two-player mode.

Flight Control is available for AU$1.19 or US$0.99 from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

For more information about Flight Control, please visit

For more information about the Royal Flying Doctor Service or to make a donation, please visit

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