Interview With Mobile Designer Jason Surguine. Part 2


We’re back again to give you the second installment of our interview with Jaybot, who is also known to his music fans as “Sir Guy”,  Jason Surguine direct from Tokyo, Japan.

Last week we asked Jason general questions about his career in Mobile Game Development and Today we will be asking him for some insight into the musical-side of his career and also share wit

h you some of the coolest links around…Jason has given of his time and hard work to share with us some of his coolest open-source gaming music and games on his blog.  His blog also contains many cool articles regarding his adventures to Hungary and Japan, as well as providing many cool tips and information on composing music and details on the gaming projects that he is working on.

Let’s have a resounding round of applause for Jason…Yaaaaay! Yahooooo!  Welcome back to JAMM.  Since our first interview has caused quite a rave, readers have been asking for more….and so, without further ado, here’s Jason and part 2 of our interview:

Jaybot: Hi folks, It’s great to be back with you, sharing more mobile “coolness”. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I had participating :-)

Let’s talk about your career as a musician:


Tekipaq: Jason, how do you create your music, is it played on a keyboard or do you use a specific software program? What format is your music in?

Jaybot: Well I’ll give you a Short, Confusing Answer :-) Keyboard, Trackball, Voice, Guitars, Digital Performer 6, Bias Peak, SoundForge 7, Waves, Kontakt, EWQLSO, VSL, MachFive, Ethno, MOTU Ultralite, G-Tech, Korg, Blue, Altec Lansing, Shure, audio technica, Modplug Pro, Winamp, XM, IT, S3M, Ogg, Mp3, Wav, mid, gsm…

And a Long, Less Confusing Answer: I wrote a couple articles on music writing and my recording rig on my blog so you can read them at the following links:

Basically, I use a combination of many different instruments (acoustic and electric), software, and hardware to get the sound that I want. ;)

Tekipaq: Can you show us a picture of your music studio?

Jaybot: Sure…Here is my Incredible Shrinking Studio


and a picture of my Traveler Pro Guitar, and it’s awesome.  See my blog for details about my music studio.


Tekipaq: Are you a full time musician? Do you play in a local band?

Jaybot: Define full-time, as I always have music playing in my head, does that count?

Tekipaq: Hey, I thought I was the only one with music playing in my head…Cool! Have you ever played in any bands..please do tell…

Jaybot: Yes…Over the years, I have played in lots of local bands. However, once I started hopping around the world, keeping a band together isn’t exactly easy. But I did keep writing and recording in my free-time. I pretend to be somewhat of a modern day bard and travel around and write songs about my experiences. You can check out that music at the following link: .  Please feel free to use them in a project, share them with a friend, trade them for a beer, do anything you want with them. Just don’t sell them :)


Jaybot: In addition, since I began giving away Free Royalty Free Music for any multimedia projects, many independent developers are using some of my work in their upcoming games/projects. A more recent one is an MMORPG called Art of War Online. I think they even have a beta up

I also wouldn’t be surprised if some of my music is in the background of a bunch of youtube videos. ;)

Other mobile developers that have used my music (that still exist) include Pocket Adventures (of Travel Collection fame), E-Soft interactive, Bapsoft, Xen Games.

And there are quite a few mobile developers that seem to have vanished, such as Infinite Ventures, Ionside/Monkeystone, Amazing Games, Trisystech, and Pocket Napalm that had used my Royalty Free Music in the past.

I also test out engines and prototype games constantly on my PC.  I try to release demos of what I am currently working on and you can enjoy them too if you head on over to my blog, (completely free, of course)

Tekipaq: What inspires you most when you are writing original music?

Jaybot: Deadlines and Beer

Let’s get back to chatting about Mobile Gaming:

Tekipaq: Well Jason, now that we have a background on your career in developing Mobile Games, can you tell us a little about your upcoming game releases?

Jaybot: It’s been a while since PDAmill Game Studios developed anything new, simply because we have been focusing much of of efforts on porting our engine, and successively 14 our games to the iPhone. I think the last new title we developed was Catchy Cadence, a little over a year ago. While we do have lots of designs and prototypes on the backburner, we need to wait for the green light before we can go ahead with development on them.

Tekipaq: Jason, even though there are no new games, what about new ports of games?

Jaybot: As a matter of fact, right now we’re working on ports of Arvale: Short Tales for iPhone. Upcoming new games we plan on developing include a GameBox Casino, a Blind Sports game (don’t ask), and an Arvale: Monsters game (something like Pokemon).

Tekipaq: Wow,  thanks for sharing this great news with us.  By the way, are there any upcoming promotions on your games coming up, that we can alert our readers about?

Jaybot: Yes, as a matter of fact, here is the little known promotion of the following games for iPhone:

GameBox Classics,


GameBox Sudoku,




The Corsair,


Fun Factory,


Bowling for Burgers,


and Melonchi Minecarts


And Best of all, the iPhone versions of these games is FREE!

Tekipaq: Jason, thanks for sharing the iPhone promotion with us, I just wish I had an iPhone now :-)

Due to the wealth of information that Jason has provided for this interview, we will be extending the interview into a subsequent, part 3, where we will be talking to Jason about Gaming Platforms and are also planning a General Wrap-Up, where questions from our user community will be answered, as well.  So, if you have any questions that you would like to pose to Jaybot, please ask them in the comments thread of this post and we will do our best to have your questions answered.

Last but not Least….here is a late-“breaking” Weather Report from Jason in Tokyo.  He found a quick way to destroy his umbrella by opening it during this weeks Typhoon in Japan! Below is a link to this story on Jason’s blog:

Here’s a Quick Way to Destroy your Umbrella


Until next time, Sayoonara Jason, and we look forward to our next interview!

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  1. #1 by Jaybot7 on September 1, 2009 - 1:24 am

    Thanks guys! But uh… somehow my last name changed to Sanguine? :)

  2. #2 by Brett on September 1, 2009 - 1:49 am

    Fixed :)

  3. #3 by Dan the Music Master on September 1, 2009 - 6:13 am

    I got a kick out of the ‘Incredible Shrinking Studio’. I guess it’s quality and not quantity.

  4. #4 by Jaybot7 on September 2, 2009 - 10:15 pm

    Thanks Dan :)

    I’ve had separation anxiety with every single piece of equipment I’ve ‘let go of’, until I find myself on the road and in need of my studio (or inspiration strikes!)

    Besides, after moving back from Europe with two suitcases and three boxes full of recording junk, I didn’t want to go through the hassle again ;)

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