Is The Touch Pro 2 Coming To Sprint This Month?

Just when I had all but made up my mind that the Palm Pre was going to be my next phone, Sprint had to go and confuse the issue.  If these reports are to be believed (and I have not confirmed them) then not only is the Touch Pro 2 coming to Sprint, but it could arrive as early as the next 10 days.  WOW!

If you are having a hard time understanding why this is such big news, check out this review of the Touch Pro 2 over at Gear Diary, and this video, which feature a fantastic comparison of the Touch Pro 2 and its major competitor, the Nokia N97.

This is potentially great news for the network which was recently rated the most reliable network in the United States.  Stay tuned.  We will keep on top of this rumor and bring you any developments as we learn them.

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