Free For All: Iliumsoft Screen Capture

sshot008jamm This is probably the best free screen capture software around, and the first free application I downloaded. That was way back in 2007, when I got the opportunity to do my first review. Before I was associated with JAMM even.

The reason I bring it to your attention, is that it’s had a long awaited update, to bring it up to speed for WinMo 6.5, but the benefits of that can be shared by all current WinMo users.

It’s not often you’ll see a screenshot of a screenshot, opened on a device, but that is the quality of the images that this application captures. The most impressive thing in the update is that files ow are saved as .png, which really reduces the memory footprint of the application. Previously, the app would only save bitmap files.

It’s a very simple application with very few options, which makes it hard to get wrong.



It also takes up very little space on your device,

The main goal was to bring the UI up to date with the latest version of the Windows Mobile OS. We also made a few tweaks to fix a couple bugs we found, and we gave it a new icon (woo hoo!) Yes, I know the MS Paint style icon we had before was super retro cool, but we figured it was time

You can download it here!

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