My Last Cigarette for iPhone – and more!

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Alright, let’s be honest. There’s not an application on the planet that can get you to stop smoking. I’ve tried them all – coach apps, hypnosis, you name it I’ve probably wasted money on it. I’m making it day to day simply by taking pills (Chantix) which even that didn’t really get me to stop – its something you just have to make the decision on. But, through all my trials and tribulations of trying to quit and stay quit there’s been one application thats always there – and that’s My Last Cigarette from Mastersoft.


Again reality is ONLY YOU can make the decision to stop smoking. MLC is there as my reminder – my reminder of the decision I made, the money I’m saving, how my health is improving and how many people have lost their lives to the addiction since I stopped. These are all powerful reminders and motivators. Sure – MLC doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles. It doesn’t need them. It does what it needs to do to keep you on the path to a better, cigarette free life.

A short while ago (without Dom even saying anything to us) My Last Cigarette was released for the iPhone. I bought it the minute I saw it. Here’s some really good news for the folks like me who love this app! From now until July 1st – Owners of MLC for Windows Mobile get MLC for FREE! If you don’t own MLC yet for WinMo – Check out MLC for the iPhone on iTunes

I’m not quite sure on the details of how to get your free copy (Dom didn’t mention it in his email), so I’ll make sure we get those details. Along with that Mastersoft is looking for beta testers for SuDoku and Kakuro and some other stuff, so for now I’m just going to recommend you stop by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions. I’m sure Dom will be around shortly to leave us some details in the comments.

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  1. #1 by Dom on March 26, 2009 - 7:12 pm

    Big thanks for mentioning MLC Brandon! Customers of previous versions on WM / Symbian etc can get a free copy of the iPhone version by emailing us proof of their original purchase. That may be their Handango receipt no, Mastersoft ref no etc. Anything that we can use to verify. Just send it to support at mastersoftmobilesolutions dot com.
    As for the betas, if you like puzzle games then use that email to get in touch and help us perfect some (hopefully) future classics. Sometimes we give away iPods etc to outstanding testers. At the very least you’ll get a free copy and your name in the credits.

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