Free For All: YouTube App from YouTube, WinMo and S60! Native at last!

At last there’s a way to use YouTube on WinMo and Symbian S60 devices, and although it’s data hungry, and there is a warning at installation, to save your hip pocket, if you don’t have an "all you can eat" data plan, don’t even go here!

The speed and ease of use, what I would describe as "intuitive", makes this an application for all WinMo devices, and you have to applaud Google for actually coming up with this. Although, I have to admit that any application that increases hits for them is value adding and lining Google’s pockets, this is another welcome, free app from Google, that again allows you to stick to just a Windows Mobile device whilst on the move.




One of the best things that Google have done is warn people adequately, YouTube on your mobile is great, but not if it generates huge usage of data bills. Again you have to realise here that you may be streaming a video to your device, that’ll be any where from 1 Kb to 1 Gb, an unlimited data plan will be essential if you want to fully utilise the application. [I feel like I should highlight that in red]

Once you’ve gone through the Gmail account on your device, the stored cookies for that account, let you into your YouTube automatically. It couldn’t be easier, I thought this was an incredibly seamless, and surprising outcome, and didn’t expect it. I mean I didn’t have to log in, my email account settings, which are saved to my device, did it all!


The home page is simplicity itself


You have major favourite links, easily accessible. You can search any subject, and it is really quick.


Seriously, this is working real well for me, you might want to give it a try!

One thing that I’ve noticed though, most people are linking to, as a source for the cab download, it’s not there as far as I can tell, it takes you to the YouTube mobile portal, and I didn’t find a link to the cab there.

There’s a version for S60 devices as well HERE

Here’s a video of it on S60 from Mr Mobile

It’s working really well and an alternative download for the cab file is here!

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  1. #1 by Amirul on April 23, 2009 - 1:57 am

    How to watch youtube vids in my nokia n73? Show me the solution.

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