G1 Android, Shipping and Reviewed !

bender_de_abajo With about a week to go till the aforementioned availability of the T-mobile G1 Android phone, things are hotting up. It looks like pre ordered G1 units are on the move, according to Phandroid. How they got this info out of UPS  I wouldn’t know.

Just a quick heads up for anyone who pre-ordered their T-Mobile G1 to check the UPS Website for a tracking number and shipping date. At least 2 readers have contacted us saying they have shipping information today and that the shipping method is via 3-day… meaning you could receive your T-Mobile G1 as early as the 17th and definitely by the 21st.

The G1 is already circulating though, and of course some of the bigger sites are already getting real hands on time/review units to help muster buyers for the in store release of the first Google phone. Both Engadget and Gizmodo, have detailed reviews of the G1 posted today, which are not uncomplimentary, but point to the fact that the OS is a first release and will probably need some work.

The G1 phone and the Android operating system are not finished products. There are only three working Google App’s here—Gmail, Maps and Calendar—while Google Docs, Google News, Google Reader, Google Shopping, Google Images, Google Video, Blogger and Picasa are nowhere to be found. What’s the deal? gizmodo

Looks like people are going to have to wait for a complete Google experience on the platform, a bit like bender not functioning until he’s had a few beers!

T-Mobile G1 review – Gizmodo

T-Mobile G1 review – Engadget

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