Face Contact Offers CoverFlow-like Today Screen Contacts Plugin

Photo Contact Today screen plugin

Face Contact is a very sharp looking new Contacts application and Today screen plugin for Windows Mobile touchscreen devices.  It offers a CoverFlow-like interface and a good number of slick-sounding features.  These include:

* Perform all kinds of contact management operations, such as adding, editing or removing contacts.
* Initiate common contact-related tasks, such as starting a phone call, sending text messages and email, or browsing a contact’s web page.
* Sort or rearrange contacts by different criteria, at any time.
* Jump instantly to specific positions in the contact list based on the contact’s initial.
* Keep full control of index/position in the list even when rapidly scrolling through your contacts.
*  When inactive, the Face Contact plugin automatically shrinks its height (by hiding the caption), so it occupies as little screen estate as a         couple of Today items

Read on for some more details directly from the developer’s site …

Photo Contact Windows Mobile app

From the Face Contact site:

Face Contact provides an intuitive 3D visual interface with kinetic scrolling and index tracking Kinetic scrolling with 3D rendering and index tracking

Face Contact lets you scroll and interact with contacts using the device touch screen, cursor keys or a combination of both.

When scrolling rapidly through the list, contact names would be hard to read, so Face Contact displays a single character index-tracking indicator, which provides an effective clue of the current position in the list.
If you overshoot, you know immediately if you need to move backward or forward in the list to reach the desired contact.

You can even select between "Progressive" tracking, which shows the instantaneous position in the list, and "Predictive" tracking, which reflects the position where scrolling will stop.

Face Contact lets you jump quickly to any position in your contact list Jump quickly to any position/index in your contact list

When contacts are sorted alphabetically (by First Name, Last Name or Company), pressing an alphabetical key on your device thumbboard or keyboard will instantly jump to the corresponding position in the list.

You can also move rapidly through the list using numeric keys: “0” will jump to the beginning of the list, “1” to about 10%, “2” to about 20% and so on.

Of course, if your device doesn’t include a thumbboard or keyboard, you can perform the very same operations using the software input panel on the touchscreen.

Single Key calling and Shortcut Menu Single Key calling and Shortcut Menu

Calling the selected contact is as easy as pressing the "Start Call" key of your phone. There’s no need to perform any additional tapping, holding or other distracting action.

A detailed and easy to read Shortcut Menu (invoked with a single tap) provides access to the main communication methods available for the selected contact, including primary work, home and mobile phones, primary email address, text messaging, and a link to the contact’s personal web page, if any.

To view all contact details, just tap the header of the Shortcut Menu, or tap and hold on the selected contact.

Customize the look and feel to fit your Today screen Customize the look and feel to fit your Today screen

You can easily customize the appearance of Face Contact to fit the layout and theme of your Today screen.

* Choose among different “Photo Shapes” (square, rounded, circle, etc.).
* Select the transparency level that best matches your Today screen background.
* Enable/disable the reflection effect for improved readability and performance.
* Use the preview at the top of the screen to experiment and verify your settings.

It’s been a while since I’ve used a Contacts / Photo dialer app, but this one really looks like it has a lot to offer.  You can get more information on Photo Contact, a trial version, and purchase the app at:


Via: Solsie.com

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  1. #1 by Ragart on March 28, 2008 - 5:11 pm

    actually that does look bloody cool, haha. Great idea to add it to the today screen.

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