Now This Is Mobile Technology! part 12

burnt-nano It’s not often that I post something that may be NSFW, and after recent reports of iPods being, well shall we say pernickety, this may be not safe for you. After reading Timothy’s review of the Skooba Backpack, I was looking around for other mobile gear solutions, obviously mobile devices need to be transported and protected, but this solution may not be for everyone.

iboxerwomenNow I can’t see the practicality in the iBoxer, a range of boxer shorts for men and women, that include a handy pocket for your iPod. So if you get around in your underwear for extended periods of time and are not institutionalised or arrested you want your tunes pumping right?

This seems like the way to do that, but then we come to the problem, what if you like to dress? It seems rather inappropriate to be walking around with your hand down your pants creating “PlayLists”.Even the word playlist, connotes, well, you know what I mean! Besides the obvious drawbacks, taking the risk of toasting your privates, with a defective iPod doesn’t seem worth the risk. Thank me for not posting the male version!

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