Review: Nite Ize Clip Case Plus


One of my favorite things to do here at JAMM is interact with the folks who are actually out there using the devices, software, and accessories which we write about.  Yes, dear readers, I mean you.  And one frequent complaint I hear is that people hate to have to carry a separate gear bag for all of the "stuff" that goes along with their device…especially if they carry multiple devices.  People frequently ask why can’t I have a case that can hold everything in one place?  Wouldn’t that be easier?  It certainly would seem so, I think.  And Nite Ize seems to have agreed.  Which is why they have crafted the Clip Case Plus, a multipocketed and looped belt case for your PDA or smartphone.  Let’s take a closer look and see if this really is the case which will answer all of those inquiries once and for all.

The case itself is made out of a fairly heavy duty, ballistic grade nylon.  I’m going to stop short of saying it could stop a bullet, but it is pretty thick and would likely do a good job of protecting your device from a fall of five or so feet (note that I did not test this, so please do not whine to me if you decide to give it a try at home). 


The case opens vertically from the top, and has a nice sized flap which folds over from the back to the front.  A large piece of Velcro will hold the whole thing shut when you are not accessing the interior pockets.


Moving on to the right (if you are looking at the case), there is a Bluetooth headset strap, which will secure your headset.  Like the Nite Ize Tooth Ferry, there is a handy pull tab which allows you to quickly pull the elastic strap open to retrieve your headset. Behind it is a small pocket.


There is a similar pocket on the left side, along with a pen light loop, which would have come in handy tonight when our power went out.

IMG_0819The front of the case has a small pocket, which is hidden behind the Velcro, meaning it is covered when the flap is closed.  It would be nice if this pocket was outside the Velcro, so that you could access it without opening the flap.

This brings us to the main attraction, the interior of the case.  Inside are three hefty pockets.  The main pocket, utilizing the bulk of the interior space, is ideal for holding your PDA or Windows Mobile device (and grudgingly even an iPhone would probably fit here).  In front of this is a smaller pocket, which is divided into two sections, perfect for carrying some credit cards or papers.  Behind the main section is an elastic pocket, which can expand slightly to hold a second device, such as a portable media player.

On the back of the case, you will find the Nite Ize IMG_0825 industrial strength belt clip.  I am notorious for destroying belt clips, or just having them fly off my belt for no apparent reason.  Neither will be an issue with this heavy duty clip.  This is a solid plastic clip.  No shattering here.  Additionally, once it is on your belt, the hook on the bottom will tuck under your belt making it almost impossible for the case to come off your belt (even when you want it to).  The clip rotates and locks into four different positions.

The main attraction of this case was its ability to hold all of the necessary gear at once, so I crammed the pockets full of stuff, and I was pretty impressed by the result.  Here is what I was able to carry in the Nite Ize case:


I will admit, however, that fully packed, it did feel a bit large on my belt.  If that is not a problem for you, though, then get ready to throw away your gear bag (and possibly your wallet too).  The Beatles said Love is all you need.  They were wrong.  All you need is Nite IZe.

Vital Stats:

Name: Nite Ize Clip Case Plus

Manufacturer: Nite Ize Mobile Accessories

Where To Buy: Nite Ize

Price: $12.00

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  1. #1 by pedah on January 31, 2008 - 3:23 am

    Never been one for belt clippable thingies! If you loaded that thing up like that, you may as well get a subscription to a chiropractor as well!

  2. #2 by dgoldring on January 31, 2008 - 6:21 am

    Yeah, like I said. It does get pretty bulky on your belt.


  3. #3 by pedah on January 31, 2008 - 6:49 am

    You know what’s funny about that, I only get trousers that have enough pockets to handle my gadgets, and the trousers hang off the belt. I see a ScottEVest request coming on!

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