AT&T Tilt – Launch Tomorrow & Some More Reviews, Unboxings


Image Source: Mobility Site

The AT&T Tilt – the US carrier’s long-awaited and already legendary HTC TyTN 2 / Kaiser model – is finally launching tomorrow. It should go for as low as $299 with contract and all the rebates etc.

We’ve been reading about this device and salivating over its ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ specs forever it seems. So hurrah to seeing it hit AT&T finally. If you’re after all the specs, lovely pics, and detail on the AT&T Tilt model, check out:

Judie’s Unboxing at Gear Diary with tons of great photos

Matt Miller’s First Impressions at The Mobile Gadgeteer

Mobility Site’s review with lots of pics and screencaps

Those should be a great starting point for getting all the facts you need to decide on buying one of these do it all devices.

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