Breaking News: Ilium Makes Great Software

image Yes, I know.  Like you needed us to tell you that Ilium makes some of the best stuff around.  In fact, if you visit JAMM on any kind of a regular basis, then you probably know that we all love Ilium’s software.

That being said, there is a whole world filled with Pocket PC users who do not read these websites (shocking, I know) and may not realize how great this stuff is (and if you know those people, you can remind them that JAMM gives away Ilium Software every month).

Those people rely on print magazines (so 1980) such as PDA Essentials Magazine for all of their essential news and reviews.  According to the Ilium Blog, PDA Essentials, almost unbeknownst even to Ilium, just finished telling the world how great eWallet 5.0 truly is.  The best quote in the article tells us:

If you want to securely protect confidential information on a PDA or smartphone, eWallet wins the battle of the wallet wars hand down.

So, Congratulations to Ellen, Marc, Kevin, and the rest of the eWallet team.  We always knew, but now the rest of the world does too…

You can check out the whole article in PDA Essentials Magazine, which should be on your store shelves now.

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