The Mogul is Out, and JAMM has One!

I returned home from vacation today to find an interesting package on my doorstep. Tearing through the outer wrapping, I was excited to find a brand new Sprint Mogul by HTC. This is the first native WM6 device to hit Sprint’s CDMA network, and I am really excited to take it for a test drive. Before I do, however, I thought I would give you a quick look at the device.


My, isn’t that a pretty box. Let’s take a look inside and see what we can find.


OK. I can almost smell the anticipation now. Just get to the device, you are all screaming. And I will, but first I want to take a look at what else is included, because the package really is very nice.

IMG_8409 IMG_8410

This is the case which came with the device. It is a decent leather case with a belt clip on the back. You can see it is a top loader. Some people (ahem, Judie) would instantly toss this case, but I am not so sure. It is much nicer than many cases I have seen included in the boxes of mobile devices. Certainly, you can do better, but not without spending some extra money (on top of the $400 this will already cost you with a 2 year service plan).


Not the easiest thing in the world to photograph, but I thought it was a nice touch that Sprint/HTC included a screen protector in the box. Anyone who has ever used a touch screen device can attest to the importance of a good screen protector. In fact, if you need a new screen protector, let me recommend the Universal Screen Protector from Proporta. This is a fantastic screen protector which will work on any mobile device.


The Mogul also includes all of the software you will need to get connected, including a trial version of Microsoft Outlook 2007. Once you use Outlook 2007, you will be hooked, so don’t say I didn’t warn you when you find yourself shelling out money to keep using it once your trial expires. As you can see above, the Mogul also comes with more paperwork and manuals than any mobile device should need. I am sure it is all very important information, which I might get around to perusing one of these days (yeah right).


Are you getting anxious yet? Don’t worry. We’ll just take a quick look at the cables and then we will be on to the device.


Here is the AC adaptor before I even got it out of the bag. Let’s take a closer look.


From this angle, you can clearly see that it will charge via a standard mini-USB cable. I love a device that does not use proprietary cables.


The included sync cable is the same. It connects via the mini-USB to the USB port on your computer. Like most devices, when you establish a sync connection, it will also charge the battery on your device.

IMG_8423 IMG_8424

The Mogul also includes two “Y” adaptors. The first one on the left allows you to sync/charge and use a standard 2.5 mm headset or headphone at the same time. The one on the right allows you to sync/charge and use the included mini-USB headset.


So, now that I have mentioned it, here is the included headset. As you can see, it will probably never see the light of day. I am not really sure that anyone uses a wired headset in these days of Bluetooth. But, what do I know?


Before, I forget, a few extras that are included in the package. You get two styli. To be honest, I am never impressed with the styli which come with mobile devices, and this one was no exception. It expands when you remove it from its compartment on the bottom of the device, but I found it would not lock in that position and was constantly collapsing in my hand.IMG_8427

The Mogul accepts micro-SD cards. For those of you who had been using a different device before coming to the Mogul, yes, that means another memory card format. Thankfully, a 512 MB card is included in the package. While this is not huge, it is not bad to get you started.

OK. So, what else are you going to want to know about? Oh yeah. I suppose you want to see the device itself. Well, I think that is a great idea, so let’s get to it.


This is the Sprint Mogul by HTC…


…with a slide out keyboard. One thing I really liked about the Mogul is that it automatically shifts from portrait mode to landscape mode when you open the keyboard.

On the top of the face, you can see the email and Internet button, as well as the indicator lights. Below the screen are the phone controls, soft buttons, start button and “OK”


On the right hand side are the power button, comm manager, camera key and stylus. Here is a closer look:


power button and comm manager


camera key and protruding stylus.


On the left hand side, you can see the thumb/finger jog wheel, the “OK” key, voice command activator, and WLAN toggle switch. Again, we can take a closer look:

IMG_8446 IMG_8439

The bottom of the device (shown below) features a strap holder (which you will likely never use), the reset button, infra red port, micro-SD slot, microphone and mini-USB sync/charge port.


(Sorry, folks. I know that picture came out poorly.)


The back of the device features a 2 megapixel camera, flash, speaker, and a car antenna connector.

IMG_8441 IMG_8437

Remove the disappointingly flimsy plastic cover and you will find a 1500 mAh battery underneath the hood of this thing. Not bad, but for all this device can do, I suspect we will be upgrading that shortly.


So, there you have it a quick look at the Sprint Mogul by HTC feature…


WINDOWS MOBILE 6 (you didn’t think I would forget that did you?)

Stay tuned for my upcoming dual review with JAMM’s newest team member, Judie Lipsett Hughes of Gear Diary fame!

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  1. #1 by spmwinkel on June 26, 2007 - 12:34 am

    Doug, you’re lucky to be able to review all this hardware. Not sure if you’re getting to keep this, and that also shouldn’t matter of course, but still. If you could get to keep some of the headsets etc. that’s great.
    Seems like a cool device, but for now I’m stuck with my Wizard for the next 8 months (and probably longer). Hope the Dutch market will improve a little, the available amount of devices is pretty poor if you want to get it with a monthly plan. :(

  2. #2 by dgoldring on June 27, 2007 - 9:47 am

    SPM, the Mogul is a pretty amazing device. I really like some of the little extras in WM6, like the ability to check POP3 email.

    Alas, I will not get to keep this one. I only have it for 30 days. So watch for my dual review with Judie Lipsett Hughes for our impressions and conclusions.


  3. #3 by Uncle Scotty on October 8, 2007 - 3:42 pm

    Just picked one up last week and already its running my life for me. I went on biz trip and never needed my laptop.

    Everything is so user friendly and sycing is a snynch. I like being able to keep it powered up with my laptop.

    MW6 is the reason I bought it, and it works wonders. I’m not a big texter but like the slide out keyboard. Just wish I had smaller finders.

    The Sprint Network is very fast and my Mogul keeps up with it well. Viva Pocket PC!

    Honey, I’ll be late for dinner.

  4. #4 by Cesar on December 5, 2007 - 8:13 pm

    ok, i have the mogul, and must admit though i dislike the fact that programs do not fully close without going to settings, memory, running programs, etc. its a really good phone
    but yesterday, somehow, out of nowhere, my phone’s spring stopped working. it gets stuck at times, when rying to open it, and when i do want to open it, i have to slide it all the way out, could you please tell me if youve had this problem and if so, how did you fix it?
    i have taken great care of my mogul

  5. #5 by dgoldring on December 5, 2007 - 9:35 pm


    The X button thing is not a problem with the Mogul, it is actually something which was unfortunately built into the operating system. There are a ton of third party apps that can fix that for you. If you want a freeware one, check out InClose Mobile.

    As to your second question, I have never heard of this happening before. I would suggest taking it back to wherever you bought it. It sounds like you may still be within the warranty period.


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