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So I got tagged twice in the last few days – by Jack Cook and Clinton Fitch – in the Meme Challenge.

My understanding of how this challenge amongst bloggers is supposed to work is that when you’re tagged you have to come up with 5 facts about yourself that most people wouldn’t know, post them, and then choose 5 others you’d like to learn some more about and tag them.

I enjoyed Jack and Clinton’s Tag Facts a whole bunch. Found out Clinton is a big F1 fan, and I love that sport too.  And Jack had an item in his that was full-on ‘Officer and a Gentleman’ romance stuff, sweeping in to get his girl and all that!

Since our site is very young, I have a pretty wide-open field here – as I don’t believe readers know much about me at all. That may be just how we all like it, as I’m going to struggle to provide 5 things that are remotely interesting (was very tempted to just ‘borrow’ some of Jack’s and hope none of you check up on this) – but here we go anyway – Read on if you’re after those 5 Facts …


5 Things Readers May Not Know About Me:

UK Connection: I’ve lived on 3 continents – North America, South America (Venezuela) and Europe. Spent over a dozen years in England, where my dad was from. Lived in central London for a lot of years, then in Watford, a sort of just North of London suburb. Also did a brief stint in Scotland, living in Glasgow. I love the UK, all except the weather that is. Love the people, their sense of humour (and yes that’s a U in there), the culture, architecture and last, but absolutely not least, the pubs and great beer.

IT / Network Geek: I’m an IT consultant, to small / growing businesses. I spent a lot of years doing network support and management in large multinational companies - Hilton Hotels, a Ford Motor subsidiary, Unisys – and now I love being at the other extreme from that, working with small companies, great clients, and learning tons every day because of the sheer variety of needs and projects amongst all our different clients. I have several hard-earned certifications relating to my job – Cisco’s CCNA, a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) cert, and the Microsoft MCSE and MCSE:Security.

Dog Whisperer: I grew up with large dogs always around, and have always had a pretty good way with dogs. Always seem to be the friend who will house-sit a pal’s Rottweiler when nobody else volunteers. We have a big, goofy white lab at home who I practice my skills on.

Softball Player: I’m a huge sports fan, of just about all sports (can’t really get with synchronized swimming, horse racing, or NHL). My favorite sport to watch is probably football, of the soccer variety that is. Also like playing a variety of sports, but softball is my favorite. I play on a Mens and a Co-Ed team in local Austin leagues. Please don’t ask about our win-loss records.  My daughter comes to lots of our games, and I’ve taken to telling her that the team with the lower score wins!

Zoo Lover: Love going to a good zoo. Others may like huge theme parks, or more exciting places, but I’ll take a good zoo any day of the week. Luckily we have a very good rescue zoo in Austin and my daughter loves it, so we go there frequently – in fact we were there this past Sunday checking out their newest additions, a couple of Bengal Tigers and a gorgeous wolf.

OK, phew – that part is done. Now the fun part – picking 5 bloggers I would like to know more about:

Awright from Brighthand
Ryan at Mobility Beat
Jenneth at Girls Gone Mobile

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  1. #1 by dgoldring on January 2, 2007 - 6:02 pm

    Look at this. Patrick tagged Solsie and Solsie tagged me. Watch out SPMWinkel, here I come. :)

    I’ll have my post up as soon as I think of five interesting facts. FRankly, I am just not that interesting. :)


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