Gear Diary Looks At The Treo 750v


Ever since its release, the Palm Treo has been one of the hottest selling PDA-phones on the market.  Since then, they began packaging the Treo with the Windows Mobile Operating System, and it instantly jumped to the top of the Windows Mobile ranks.  Part PDA, part Smartphone it is simply one amazing device.  Recently, Palm announced their latest iteration, the Palm Treo 750v.  Mitchell over at Gear Diary managed to get his hands on one of these highly anticipated devices, and wrote a fantastic review.  So, head over to Gear Diary to read this extremely in depth review (and to learn how Mitchell managed to get ahold of the Treo 750v) of this amazing new device. 

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  1. #1 by FallN on January 2, 2007 - 4:00 pm

    If the 750v was released 2 years ago, we could talk, but it’s old hat now. The biggest deal breaker for me is the glaring omission of WiFi. Data plans expensive while WiFi is ubiquitous and often FREE! Here in the US only ONE GSM carrier has 3G (Cingular) and they don’t even have a full nationwide roll out so you’re screwed on high speed data (wifi or otherwise) if you aren’t a Cingular customer in one of their 3G pockets. It’s a joke, IMHO.

    There are far more feature rich devices that beat the 750v hands down. Too much too little too late, Palm.

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