Great Description of The Palm OS

"…even though the Palm software hasn’t changed much in the time since I’ve been gone. In some ways it’s like saying hello to an old friend, but in other ways it’s like realizing that you have grown and your friend hasn’t; it’s a little bitter-sweet."  – Judie Hughes, in her excellent review of the Treo 700p.

Judie Hughes at Gear Diary has a very good review up of the Treo 700p, running Palm OS. It’s a great read because she has focused a good deal on the experience of using a Palm device after many years away from that OS.

My favorite thing about the review is Judie’s quote at the top of this post. That just seems a perfect description of the Palm OS these days. It’s always been well-liked, and it is like an old friend to many users. But … it is absolutely the friend who has never grown or changed. The one who makes you feel a little sad if you return to a town you grew up in after years away. The world’s kept moving on, and changing rapidly, but they haven’t.

Anyway, check out Judie’s great review and find your own favorite quote, at:

Gear Diary Palm Treo 700p Review

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