More News on The DualCor cPC Hybrid UMPC at Gear Diary

"Customer feedback (that’s why you do engineering sample programs, right?) has taught us a number of things about size, thermals, interface devices and peripherals which we’ll implement going forward."  - Rob Howe, President and COO of DualCor, talking to Gear Diary

Judie at Gear Diary has done an interview with the President and COO of DualCor – makers of the unique and exciting cPC hybrid unit which runs both XP and Windows Mobile in a UMPC style form factor.

The interview covers the current state of play on the cPC’s development, feedback they’ve been getting from testers, plans for BT and WiFi in the cPC, and more.

Have a look and get the latest on the cPC at:

A Message from DualCor …

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