eWallet Wins ‘Best Application for Life’

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Some good news from Ilium Software on this year’s Handango Champion Awards.

eWallet (Professional Edition) has won the Handango Champion 2006 award for Best Application for Life on the Pocket PC platform. Nice – a great app continues to get good recognition.

The Champion awards are Handango’s annual awards recognizing the top software in various categories. Users choose their favorite programs to be nominated, then the final awards are chosen by an independent panel of judges made up of industry experts in the mobile software field.

They’ve also scooped an award in the Best New UMPC Software area – for their soon-to-be-released InScribe product. How does an unreleased product grab an award? Well – according to Ilium’s blog post – "The 3 winning programs were selected by independent experts and Microsoft personnel as showing best utilization of the features and functionality of the new platform."

More news should be coming soon on all the Handango Champion award winners – thanks to Julie at Ilium for the heads-up on their two nice wins.

For more details, check the Ilium blog post at:

Good News from the Handango Summit

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  1. #1 by Ravi on September 14, 2006 - 2:36 pm

    I wish I won the eWallet contest :((

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