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Now you can get list news automatically! If you have an RSS Reader, you can connect to the List Exchange RSS feed.

If you’re a ListPro user, you probably already know about the List Exchange that’s available for it.  This is a great resource, as most of us don’t want to re-invent the wheel and we’re happy to find that someone else has already done the hard work, and there’s a ready-made list that works great for a purpose we have in mind.

At the List Exchange, there are a good variety of list templates already created in a number of categories, from collectibles to computer-related. I keep several technical reference ones on my device that I found there – IP Ports reference, Cisco IOS commands etc.

A cool thing I recently discovered about the List Exchange is that you can RSS subscribe to it – so you can glance through whenever you like with your favorite RSS reader and find out about new list templates that may be helpful to you.  

Another cool thing I spotted recently at the Ilium Software Blog site is that one of their own staff (Kevin) has done an initial template for working with the GTD / Getting Things Done method of time management. Kevin provides a concise overview of GTD as follows:

"Getting Things Done" is a methodology developed by one David Allen to help create a ‘trusted system’ for tracking what you need to.. get done. GTD focuses on helping you dump your brain into this trusted system, so you don’t leave obligations looming in the black uncertainty raincloud over your head."

If you’re into using the GTD methods and want a good starting point for creating your own ‘trusted system’ to work with it, or if you just want to keep up with which new lists are around for ListPro, take a look at:

Kevin’s GTD template blog entry

The RSS subscribe page for List Exchange  

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  1. #1 by Ken on July 31, 2006 - 3:01 pm

    One additional note on the List Exchange feed: you can also download the list you’re interested in directly to your Windows Mobile device. For example, from NewsBreak, just open the story for the list you’re interested in and then tap the “Download List” link and you should be all set to go.

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