High School Giving Tablets To All Freshmen

Via OnTheRun and NorthJersey.com

A high school in New Jersey is going to give Tablet PCs to all incoming freshmen this year.

All of the school’s teachers and administrators were given tablets earlier this year, and they are going to move towards electronic textbooks, submitting homework over the web, and other initiatives that will aim towards an increasingly ‘paperless’ experience for students and teachers.

This seems like a great idea, and one that should have tremendous benefits for the students if it’s implemented well.

I think the school will have its work cut out in terms of managing this and avoiding some obvious pitfalls. One that’s touched upon in the article at NorthJersey.com is how much of a ‘distraction’ internet access may prove to be for students. I’m thinking that the answer to that is BIG distraction, and guessing they will have to have some major limits in place on web access – when access is available, content filtering and such. And then of course hope that those who are imposing the limits can find a way to stay a step ahead of the students finding ways around them.

Still, a very nice concept, that hopefully will succeed.

For more details, check out the OnTheRun post with a link to the NorthJersey.com story:


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