Amazon Prime–Now with Music!

amazon smile

I’ve been a member of Amazon Prime only recently (6 months).  Considering the amount of stuff I purchase, the ability to have 2-day shipping is very convenient.  But let’s face it, even if 2-day shipping is so great, what we’re really after is the entertainment, right?  Kindle books, videos, and now…MUSIC!!!  Even with an increase in the cost of Prime, the value it brings to a household is tremendous.  I’m happy with what Amazon is doing..and you should be too!  Amazon Prime Music does not allow downloading of individual tracks unless it is sandboxed in mobile app versions for iOS and Android.

Oh, and for those who are not familiar with why my Prime says “Smile”, Smile is Amazon’s program where if you shop at, Amazon will make a donation to a charity of your choice (you have a few to choose from).  So that’s what Amazon Smile is about.

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