Frustrations with Word Press for iPad

I never thought it would be so difficult to use WordPress for iPad. The software is buggy to say the least with selections of words that can be near impossible. Being used to Post2Blog and later Windows Live Writer, it has been ages since I last used WordPress’s own tools which lack basic photo functions such as crop and rotate making posting a new article a hair ripping experience. Just to get down some of the things talked about that will be expounded upon after returning home shall be information regarding visions of the future of Apple’s Carplay, iOS 7 tips, and thoughts of a Macworld author which made me think a lot about JAMM. We’ll also talk about battery care, remote SSH for Mac, CSS zooming, advanced Wifi options, and some reviews on WritePro, trunx, and more! Yes, it was a clear overload of information. The expo hall was super busy but the conference sessions are virtually back to back. This is going to be a very cool and very enjoyable week….sans WordPress. We’ll keep our coverage similar to that of an outline of what’s to come.


Update: 3-28-14

Must think out of the box. Just got iPhoto and that takes care of my photo issues. Now, I’m looking at an alternative blogging app which may make things more usable. I also did find a workaround for the WordPress app although it still irks me. Well, gotta run…the session for “The Age of Context” just started.

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